6 Ways to Improve School Security and Safety

September 19th, 2023

In the current era, many , PA schools find it challenging to keep the structures secure and also the safety of their students. This issue of school security has been giving school administrators across the nation sleep nights trying to identify effective measures that will curb the growing danger. One way of establishing an effective security approach to schools of every size would be the combination of video surveillance systems with access control and emergency preparedness.

6 Ways to Improve School Security and Safety

1. Installation of Security Cameras at Vulnerable Areas

For the security cameras to be useful, you should install them at the sections that seem to be susceptible to break-ins in , PA. An inspection of the whole school is required for you to identify such weak points. Some of the locations that might need installation of security cameras are the main entrances and exits from the school, hallways, computer labs, cafeterias, playgrounds and recess areas, school parking lots, athletic fields and all the building perimeters. By installing security cameras in these high-risk and highly populated locations will boost the safety of your students, staff and reduce liabilities such as damage to structures, vandalism and theft.

2. Install a Video Security System

Currently, a video surveillance system is your best bet for the security of your school. Be it a preschool, K-12, college or a university; this security measure will be your first-line-of-defense for heightening safety of students and security of school assets. These systems provide concrete evidence by recording video evidence that can clearly identify and convict a criminal. With the principal features such as high-resolution, ability to work in the darkness and multi-channel video recorders, a video surveillance system will allow you to capture and view activity at high-traffic and the most exposed areas of your school in , PA.

3. Choosing a Video Security System

Due to tight budgets in schools, many administrators end up installing a Video Security System of the lowest price. First, you might end up purchasing and installing a video security system that can't meet the school's needs. Besides, a cheap video system might fail to operate properly, provide the video resolution and detail required to identify individuals recorded on video, or may not be scalable for future expansion.

4. Implement a Door Access Control System

Door access control technology enables the owner of the school to monitor movements in and out of specific areas as well as having control of who will gain access to such locations. When combined with electronic access control systems, you will have an additional layer of protection. These systems allow you to monitor and manage thousands of students and staff from a central point in , PA.

5. Add Mobile Surveillance

To boost security and safety of those going outside the school, you should add a mobile surveillance system. With this system, you can see what's going on while the school bus is on the road, at the bus stop, and parked. Also, some mobile DVRs have features that allow you to track the location of the bus in real-time via GPS. This system will help you to monitor school buses, staff, and students; helping the school administrator to tackle challenging issues like dangerous driving, vandalism, bullying, and reckless behavior. This way, it boosts student safety, driver accountability, while reducing the overall transportation and staffing costs.

6. Implement an Emergency Preparedness Plan

For your security plan to be complete, you need to include an emergency preparedness plan. Emergency preparation involves incorporation of both the school staff and other relevant bodies. You need to train all the employees to work with law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS in case of an emergency in the , PA school.